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Prairie Trip

It's with great sadness that we share that one of our beloved mares, PRAIRIE TRIP passed away on April 18, 2024, due to complications from foaling.

All efforts were made to save Prairie Trip and her unborn foal by Mind Control.

Prairie Trip will be truly missed by all of us, most especially by her equine friends. She was the sweetest mom to her foals and her sweet disposition is seen in all of them. She joined our family in 2017 and blessed us with three beautiful foals.

Right Photo --->

Prairie Trip with God Still Loves Me

  • 2018 foal by Bellamy Road

<--- Left Photo

Prairie Trip with Senor Pickles

  • 2021 foal by Redesdale

Right Photo --->

Prairie Trip with her 2023 colt

Foal is by Modernist

~ Rest in Peace Prairie Trip and her 2024 Foal ~

February 18, 2007 - April 18, 2024


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