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2018 Breeding Season

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

It's that time of year again!

Mr. and Mrs. Roth and their staff wish everyone a great, safe, and successful breeding season! Last year, under new management we had a very successful breeding season ending with a 97% In Foal rating. We are looking forward to another great year with our farm manager, Jaime Martin and vet, Dr. Jared Voge from Pine Bush Equine.

Make Reservations and Trickmeister are standing at our farm for $2,500 LFSN.

The following breeding incentives are being offered:

Fee Incentive Choices:

  • Breed to both our stallions and the second is half fee LFSN.

  • Breed to both our stallions at full LFSN fee and receive a free breeding to one in 2019.

  • Breed two consecutive years (or two mares this year) at full LFSN fee to one of our stallions and receive a lifetime breeding right. *Limited Availability.

  • Breed a mare to one of our stallions that Nicks a B or better and get $500.00 off LFSN.

Pay When You Race Incentive:

  • Anyone who books their mare(s) by February 28, 2018, pays the full stud fee the day the foal races in its first race.

Farm Incentive:

  • We will give an additional $250.00 off LFSN if mare resides at Majestic View Farms International for a full 30 days after being bred to one of our stallions.

Travel Incentive:

  • We will give an additional $250.00 off LFSN for out of state transported mares.

Contact Jerry at (201) 463-1174 for more information on these incentives and to see if your mare qualifies for one of the fee incentive choices.


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