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He did it for his mom.

July 5, 2024 was a bittersweet day for everyone here on the farm. We all watched in anticipation and excitement as our homebred, a 2021 gelding by Redesdale entered the starting gate at Monmouth Park for his racing debut.

Jockey Matilda Burnham masterfully guided the chestnut gelding and victoriously blew the field away by seven lengths. It looked like he had wings as he opened up on the field. Maybe he did.

On April 3, 2021, Prairie Trip gave birth to a little chestnut foal by Redesdale. Crooked in three legs and a parrot mouth, he looked hopeless. But with dedication, hardwork, and a great blacksmith and vet, that little foal turned out to be the nicest looking foal on the farm that year. Overcoming the odds and a few setbacks, that foal made it to the racetrack and was officially named Senor Pickles.

On April 18, 2024, after a six-hour battle, we tragically lost our beloved mare, Prairie Trip and her unborn foal due to foaling complications. Prairie Trip was a great mare and an even better mom. She joined our family in 2017 and blessed us with three beautiful foals. Her complete produce record consists of four foals of racing age, all winners.

On July 5, 2024, that little chestnut gelding did have wings because his mother was right there alongside of him. He ran his heart out and he did it for his mom.

Senor Pickles

1 start - 1 first - 0 seconds - 0 thirds

Trainer: Ramon Martin

Jockey: Matilda Burnham

Owner: Majestic View Farms Intl. & Will to My Heart Racing

Breeder: Majestic View Farms Intl.


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